Letter From Sarah

The proceeds of this book are being donated to a humanitarian organization I founded called Saving Moses. Our mission is to save babies ages five and under, where the need is most urgent and care is least available.  We have several malnutrition clinics in Angola which provide therapeutic milk for little ones who are often hours, possibly minutes away from death due to malnutrition.  Additionally, we provide NightCare® in Asia for babies whose mothers are trapped in the sex industry.  Our centers give these moms an alternative to bringing their babies to work or worse yet, abandoning them overnight. Instead NightCare® allows them to leave their precious little ones safely in our care until morning.


We are always looking to expand our work to bring genuine love to as many babies and toddlers as we can in countries that record the highest infant mortality rates in the world! We explore opportunities for new programs in nations like Afghanistan where we can provide vaccinations and medical care in rural areas. We also invest in campaigns and special projects such as assisting with orphan babies whose parents have died from Ebola.


Your purchase of this book enables us to make a difference today in the life and future of each baby we reach.  Thank you so much!!


– Sarah Bowling